Virtual Transfer College Fair

Possible Questions for Representatives


  • What makes a competitive applicant look like?
  • What is the deadline to apply to your school?
  • How is your GPA (Grade Point Average) used in the admissions process?
  • Do you require standardized test scores (such as SAT and ACTs?)
  • Do you have a foreign language requirement for your institution? Is there a foreign language requirement to receive my bachelor’s degree?
  • Are letters of recommendation required for admission?
  • Is a personal statement required for your application?
  • Is an interview required for admission?

Transferring Credits

  • I plan on completing my degree at Pierce College. How does my degree transfer to your institution?
  • I went to multiple schools before Pierce College. How do I transfer those credits?
  • I have credits from a long time ago. Can I still transfer those credits to your institution?


  • Is there a separate application for my intended major? If so, what is the deadline to submit my major application?
  • Do you offer my intended major at your institution? If not, do you have alternatives?
  • When should I complete my course prerequisites to be eligible to apply to my program?
  • Can I change my intended major after admission into your college/university?
  • Does your campus offer alternate majors if we don’t get into our first choice? Can you admit students into the alternate program?

Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • What is the annual tuition? What is the average cost of books per term?
  • When should I apply for financial aid and/or scholarships?
  • What scholarship opportunities do you have for transfer students?


  • What sort of housing is available for transfer students? How much does housing cost?

Classroom and Resources

  • What is a typical class size?
  • How available are my instructors outside of classroom time?
  • What clubs and organizations exist on your campus?
  • What makes your campus diverse?
  • What types of student resources/supports do you offer your students?


  • Who can I contact if I have further questions about transferring to your institution?
  • Can I arrange a campus visit/tour?
  • Do you have informational sessions that I can attend before I apply?
  • Can I sit in on a class during my visit?