Spring 2023 Finals Schedule: Fort Steilacoom and Puyallup

Your exam will take place during your regularly scheduled class time, based on which days of the week the class regularly meets.

Regular Class Meeting Days Exam Date
Monday and Wednesday Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Tuesday and Thursday Thursday, June 15, 2023
Daily, Friday Friday, June 16, 2023

Exam Notes

  • Please check your Canvas classes and class syllabi for details regarding requirements and expectations for the end of term exams and assessments. If there are conflicts regarding the completion of exams or assessments the student must make prior arrangements with the instructor.
  • Classes with associated labs should base their finals on their lecture day and times.
  • Classes that meet 4 days a week are considered daily for the final exam schedule.
  • Classes meeting at irregular days/times may require special arrangements. The instructor is responsible for making these arrangements and confirming room availability prior to finals days.



All grades must be entered by 12 p.m. on Tuesday, June 20, 2023.


Grades will be available Wednesday, June 21, 2023.