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You are an important part of our community. And you are most welcome here.

Pierce College is committed to serving undocumented students through a holistic approach that encompasses personal guidance, peer mentoring, counseling, community building, referrals to immigration legal services, and other forms of individualized support. If you are an undocumented student, know that Pierce College is for you too.

Here to Help

Ilder Betancourt Lopez

For resources and information, contact Ilder Betancourt Lopez, Vice President of Learning and Student Success. Ilder was raised by former undocumented immigrants. His dad came from Mexico and his mother came from El Salvador. He understands first-hand the challenges and strengths of immigrant families and communities. He is ready to help undocumented students.

Ilder Betancourt Lopez

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available to you. Washington state provides non-citizens with the opportunity to access state financial aid through the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA).

Scholarship Opportunities

Pierce College partners with organizations to provide our undocumented students with some legal services. Contact Ilder Betancourt Lopez for more information.

Pierce College Faculty and Staff: Be an Ally

You have an opportunity to be an ally when someone discloses their undocumented status to you. An ally can support and advocate in the following ways:

1. Share This Site

This site contains resources for undocumented students. Please share with them.

2. Listen

Be willing to hear the experiences, fears, and uncertainties faced by the student. Disclosure of undocumented status is difficult. If a student has shared this information with you, you have gained their trust.

3. Connect the Student With the College

Share with the student that Ilder Betancourt Lopez is ready and willing to support them. Ilder will further welcome the student and connect them with resources.

4. Educate Yourself

Here are some resources to help you in your journey: