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Housing Options

Pierce College has a variety of housing options:

Pierce College Center for Global Scholars (CGS) Residence Hall

CGS is a traditional campus housing option that is great for both domestic and international students age 18 years old and older. CGS offers student independence while maintaining a fun student-focused community to live and learn together. It’s a safe residential housing facility with events/programs and a 24/7 live-in staff support that provides opportunities to create meaningful relationships that support student’s academic success and personal development. CGS is located next to a bus stop and is an 8 minute bus ride to the Fort Steilacoom campus. CGS has no meal service, but provides a community kitchen for student use. It’s less than a 5 minute walk to grocery stores, restaurants, Starbucks and a Dollar store.

The success of CGS lies in the success and overall experience of the residents, and the implementation of the 3 Core Themes of CGS are used as guiding pillars to all interactions at CGS, including interaction with one another, this space, the activities, staff members, and the greater campus community. 

  • Contribution: Bringing about results and helping to advance one another
  • Community: Living together to practice common ownership
  • Consideration: Careful thought and sensitivity towards others

There is a one-time Application Fee of $150. Fees are non-refundable except in rare circumstances outlined in the Housing Agreement.

Visit the Pierce College Residence Hall web page for more information and how to apply.


Homestay is a wonderful experience for most international students; however, it is not designed for all students. International students (16 years and older) who still would like the support, encouragement and experiences of living with an American family will do well in homestay.

This is a cultural experience, and students should expect to become a member of the family, which means participation in the daily activities of the family (meals, family time, chores), daily communication  and commitment to following the host family preferences for curfews, household rules and more. Hosts in our program believe in the cultural exchange component of our program and want to participate with willing, positive students who want that experience as they learn to navigate American systems and language.

Students pay a stipend directly to the host monthly to partially cover the cost of hosting. If you are not interesting in interacting with hosts, it is best if you choose another housing option such as more independent living like the Center for Global Scholars (18 or older only) or independent off campus housing.

Homestay Rates

Due to increased housing, food, and utility costs in our area, our homestay program has increased homestay rates to meet the current costs of the program, and we are now offering different room options (when available) to help students meet those rising costs.

Three-Quarter Agreement 2022 - 2023 (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Single Room Double Room
w/ meal: $915/month w/ meal: $765/month
w/ no meal: $715/month w/ no meal: $565/month

Students will receive a fully furnished room, internet access and a safe learning environment. All homes are within a 1 hour or less bus commute.

The one-time Homestay Application Fee is $275. Download the Homestay Application.

Looking to Become a Host Family?

Pierce College International Education is currently seeking hosts to provide a happy, healthy and enriching cultural exchange with our students. Hosts need to have an open heart, value new cultures, and desire to help teach about their own culture and experiences. We are always looking for new hosts that are willing to participate in global cultural exchange. Hosting opportunities are available in Lakewood and the Puyallup/South Hill area.

Different hosting options:

  • Short Term Hosting: Short-term hosting requires families to commit to a two- to six-week stay. Typically, other colleges or groups will come in to tour our school or attend a language intensive. Right now, short-term hosting occurs only at the Lakewood campus. Puyallup host families who would like to participate will need to provide daily transportation for their students.
  • Long Term Hosting: Host families commit to student placements for three months or more. This includes a full homestay experience (two meals per day) or a partial homestay experience (no meal requirements). Hosting is available at both the Puyallup and the Lakewood campuses.

Host families receive full 24/7 emergency support, ongoing training and leadership opportunities, and a stipend to cover the costs of hosting students.

Host families are required to:

  • Provide a bed, bedding, desk, lamp, clothing storage (dresser or closet), fully functioning window and internet access
  • Open their home and provide a safe, generous and hospitable environment for the student
  • Live within a 45 minute bus ride (limited to 1 bus transfer) to campus
  • Provide two meals per day (full hosting only)

Become a Host Family

The application process is very easy and requires submitting a completed application, attending a host family orientation, and having a host family home visit and interview.

For more information, or to request an application, email