Pierce College Public Records Request

In 1972, Washington State enacted the public records law to assure citizens of our state transparency and access to government. Pierce College's Vice President of Administrative Services oversees compliance with this very important law.

If you are a seeking a student transcript or any other student specific records, please visit our transcript request page.

If you are a higher education institution that is requesting information regarding a current/former employee under RCW 28B.112.080, please submit your requests to disclosures@pierce.ctc.edu.

How do I make a public records request?

Submit a request online, email, write or fax Pierce College your request asking for the records you would like to receive. It is highly preferred that requests be made through one of these methods, but you may also contact us by telephone or in person and we will assist you. Your request must include the following information:

  • Contact information: your name, mailing address and telephone number. You can also include your email address, fax and/or cell phone number.
  • A description of the specific records being requested. Your request must be specific enough for Pierce to be able to identify the records being requested.
  • Let us know if you would like copies of the records or if you would like to come to our office to review them.

What happens when I make a Public Records Request?

At Pierce College, the Vice President of Administrative Services processes all requests for records from the public.

Within five business days, you will be notified that your request has been received along with an estimated timeframe to fulfill your request and a cost estimate if applicable. In addition, we may contact you in order to clarify what information you are asking for. Our staff then contacts the department(s) holding the records you seek and provides them with a copy of your request. The department(s) will identify, collect and forward the records to the Vice President of Administrative Services.

The Vice President of Administrative Services reviews these records and may remove information as allowed by the public records statute, state law, federal law or case law. They also may notify third parties who have an interest in the records you are requesting.

You will be contacted once this review is complete and records are ready for release. Depending on the number of requests received before yours, and the size and complexity of your request, response may take up to two months. If a request is very complex, more time may be required. You'll be notified if this is the case.

Can you keep my request for records confidential?

No, your public records request is not a confidential record. The request is itself a public record. It can be requested by others, plus the public records officer forwards public records requests to departments holding records and to third parties who have an interest in the records requested.