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Employee Learning and Development (ELAD) helps build faculty and staff knowledge around student engagement and completion by increasing access to cohesive professional development, and fostering effective communication strategies and systems between all college employees.

You may also recognize ELAD as the eLearning department, as this aligns with the department’s historical and current leadership in online learning support and engagement. And through extensive networking and collaboration efforts, Employee Learning and Development/eLearning identifies and promotes ongoing professional development opportunities and services, both in person and virtually.

Professional Development and Services

  • Adjunct Professional Development
  • Community-building Support
  • Confidentiality Statement Development
  • eLearning
  • Faculty In-Service Proposals
  • Faculty Learning Communities
  • First-Year Faculty Cohort
  • Foundations for Teaching Online (FTO)
  • Instructional Design
  • Integrating Technology
  • Master Teaching
  • Professional Development Planning
  • Project Management & Skills Development
  • Targeted Skills Training
  • Technology Support and Training
  • Wellness Support

We also support faculty and staff in the implementation of innovative programs, learning-centered instruction, eLearning needs and community service outreach efforts that involve the broader Pierce College community.

Professional development opportunities supported through Employee Learning and Development (ELAD) align with a Five Pillars model for PD, which include focus on EDI, Inclusive Practices, Leadership, Project Management & Skills Development, and Wellness. ELAD also aligns with Pierce College’s Achieving the Dream priority area strategies. ELAD also works with groups seeking to sponsor their own customized workshops, seminars, webinars, in-service trainings and events. Contact us at to learn more.

ELAD also maintains a resource site for current faculty and staff. This site contains additional information about workshops, courses, seminars and resources available throughout the year.

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