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Welcome to Pierce College Advising and Advocacy!

Advising Appointments

Our Advising Mission

Partnering with students and our local community to remove systemic barriers to education and create a learning environment where all students thrive and achieve their learning and career goals.

Our Advising Philosophy and Outcomes

In Pierce College Advising and Advocacy, we L.O.V.E. (Listen, Observe, Value/Validate, Embrace) our students to success. We care about your wellbeing as feeling, sensing, and thinking people. Through interaction with a student success network, it is our hope that you enjoy the following experience at Pierce College: 

  • Feel a sense of belonging and see yourself as a member of the Pierce College community.
  • Engage in diverse learning experiences that broaden your perspective about the world and others and prepare you for new experiences after Pierce College.
  • Feel connection to a career pathway that aligns with your personality and passion.
  • Have a personal program map that is designed for you with tools that support program completion and career entry.
  • Feel connected to a holistic set of resources and a financial plan to ensure your success.
  • Take ownership of your educational and career goals with academic and professional skills necessary for success in college and career.
  • Feel encouraged and empowered to engage with your Student Success Network to ensure you are on track, working through challenges, and reaffirming commitment to your journey.

You can expect us:

  • To partner, dream, and design a career pathway with you
  • To honor your unique perspectives and identities
  • To connect you with people, resources, and tools that support your success


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Your Campus Safety, Security and Incident Reporting

  • Campus Safety – Student I.D. cards, emergency notifications and response
  • Report of Concern – Incident reporting and reporting concerning, troublesome, or threatening behavior