Student in uniform speaking to other students

Pierce College JBLM Advisors

The advisors listed below are located at JBLM in the Stone Education Center (Lewis Main) and the McChord Education Center (McChord Field) at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Contact information for other advisors (i.e. Faculty Mentors, Navigators, Program Coordinators) can be found in the staff directory.

Please call the JBLM welcome desks at 253-964-6567/6606 to learn advisor availability and to make an appointment. Visit JBLM Advising to learn more about JBLM advising services.

Ronald Burleson, Interim Director of Advising and Advocacy

Kathryn Metzger, Student Success Coach

Yubi Lojewski, Student Success Coach

Darrius Tuggle, Student Success Coach