Advisor working with student

Getting Started

New students meet with an advisor after they apply for Admissions and receive their emailed acceptance letter. Their next step is to complete the New Student Guide. In the new student guide, students will complete their math and English Guided Self Placement and submit their Intake and Engagement Form. Students will also learn about college resources, policies, and opportunities through their online student handbook.

Once the Student Guide is complete, students are ready to meet with an advisor. New students will contact their preferred advising center at Fort Steilacoom, Puyallup, or JBLM for an appointment or drop-in new student session. New Students will be able to go over detailed information with an advisor about their academic and career goals, creating an personalized course map, and have an understanding of life balance while in college.

Providers of Advising at Pierce College

Student Success Coaches conduct most of the new student advising appointments and serve as the initial advisor for many students. They will assist with development of an educational plan or program map and provide referrals to campus and community resources.

Faculty Counselor Advisors (FCAs) teach classes, but primarily advise and work with students related to academic difficulties, transferring to a four-year university, and career exploration/counseling issues, such as choosing a major, self-exploration, professional development, etc. They also teach a portion of COLLG 110 (College Success) each quarter.

Faculty Mentor Advisors teach a full load of classes and advise students assigned to them. Instructional faculty mentor advisors have some expertise or connection to a student's major or field of study.