Starfish is a student success program that promotes the educational success of students by connecting them to the right resources when they need them. Students are connected to a personalized Success Network that includes their professors, advisor, and relevant Pierce College employees. From here, students and staff can take advantage of the tools available in Starfish to effectively communicate concerns, needs and goals.

Starfish Login

Log in to Starfish

Students, your Starfish credentials will be the same as your WiFi and Papercut (printing) credentials. Your login credentials follow the formula:


Example: abrown6789

First Initial + Last Name + Last Four Digits of Student ID

This is the username for Amber Brown with the last four digits of their ID being 6789.

*If you were admitted to Pierce on or before April 30, 2020: Use your old SID number.

*If you were admitted to Pierce on or after May 1, 2020: Use your ctcLink ID number.


Example: PCD!19951108

PCD! + YYYY + MM + DD (Your Birthday)

This is the password for someone born November 8, 1995.

Note: The PCD in the password is case-sensitive and needs to be in all caps.

Starfish Resources

Use the Starfish PDF resources below to find answers to frequently asked questions, access training tutorials, and tips if you are having trouble logging into your account. If you have ideas for additional training resources, please let us know by contacting

What do I use Starfish for?

  • Online Appointment Scheduler – Schedule and keep track of appointments with your Success Network! You can use the Starfish appointment scheduler to reserve meetings with your professors, your advisor and other relevant Pierce staff members.
  • Raise Your Hand – Have a question or concern and don’t know who to ask? Raise Your Hand lets you ask for assistance when you need it. Your request will automatically be routed to the right person who can reach out to you and support you.
  • Success Plans – Success Plans are To Do lists for your educational goals. What steps should you take if you are placed on Academic Concern? On Academic Alert? These steps will be packaged into convenient Success Plans in Starfish for you.
  • Learn about Concerns – You can learn immediately when someone has a concern about you, whether that is academic in nature or something else that may be interfering with your studies. Check out your Starfish Dashboard and Messages page to keep updated on the latest communications from your Success Network.
  • Kudos – Kudos lets people acknowledge your hard work. Professors, advisors and other Pierce employees are interested in you and want to celebrate your successes. Check out your Starfish Dashboard to keep track of the Kudos you’ve earned so far!
  • Support Services Directory – Starfish has a full directory of support services at Pierce that are available to you. You can find out where they are, what they are, and how to contact them.
  • Degree Planner – Degree Planner is an educational planning tool where you can plan your schedule and make sure you are fulfilling all the requirements needed to complete your intended degree.

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