doctors and nurses in hospital hallway

Please contact the service provider to verify information as some services may have alternate hours and/or offerings at this time.

Are you or is someone you know in emotional distress or suicidal crisis?

Are you LGBTQ+ and experiencing emotional distress, suicidal crisis, or just need someone to talk to?

Are you transgender and are in emotional distress, suicidal crisis, or just need someone to talk to?

Have you or someone you know experienced sexual assault?

  • Rebuilding Hope, the Sexual Assault Center for Pierce County
    • 24-Hour Crisis Line: 253-474-7273
    • Website: Rebuilding Hope
    • Address: 101 E. 26th St. Suite 200, Tacoma, WA 98421

Are you looking for urgent care clinics?

Do you need help signing up for insurance or understanding your medical benefits?

Do you have Medicaid or are uninsured and need to find local health clinics?

Do you have private insurance and need to find a provider?

Check the back of the insurance card for the customer service number or provider search engine on the insurance website.

Do you need immunization help?

Are you looking for low-cost or free medical care?

Are you looking for low-cost or free dental care?

Are you looking for low-cost or free women’s health specialty care?

Are you looking for low-cost or free gender-affirming specialty care?

Are you looking for HIV/AIDS services?

Are you looking for hours or information about the Pierce College Health Education Centers?

Are you on campus and need access to counseling services?

Do you need low cost mental health or substance use counseling?

Are you looking for your own counselor or a counselor for someone in your family?

Clinics Accepting Medicaid and/or Private Insurance

Search Engines to Find a Counselor Who Is not in a Clinic Setting (only some take insurance)

Are you or someone you know experiencing domestic violence?

  • Crystal Judson Family Justice Center - Assistance for victims and children of domestic violence through comprehensive victim services. Located in Pierce County, but offers a variety of services and supports for anyone fleeing from a domestic violence situation.

Would you like to manage your moods and mental well-being with the help of a smartphone app?

  • Now Matters Now - Information and ideas for coping strategies.
  • Daylio - Mood tracker app that lets you track moods as they happen and helps identify patterns in your moods
  • Calm Harm - App created to help with big waves of emotions and the urge to self-harm with ideas for coping with emotions plus other features like a simple journal and activity log.
  • Calm - App that has guided meditations and music to help you stay in the moment, focus your thoughts, and even help you sleep.
  • Insight Timer - App with many meditations, music options, and guided meditations.
  • Rootd - App created to help with panic attacks which includes features like a breathing tool, journal and stats.
  • Recolor - Coloring app that has many free color palettes and periodically adds new pictures to the Free coloring pages.
  • Shine - Daily positive check-ins available Monday - Friday. The app provides a quote and a short article or audio, as well as a simple gratitude check-in.