Pierce College Nursing Program Applications

Traditional RN/ADN Program

Applications for the traditional RN/ADN program are open. You can now apply online.

RN Program Online Application

Disclaimer on Fast-Track and Online Transfer Classes

We understand that many students opt for fast-track or online courses to meet prerequisite requirements. However, it is crucial to note that not all institutions offering such courses may be regionally accredited or meet our program's specific criteria. Before enrolling in any courses to fulfill prerequisite requirements, we strongly advise all applicants to confirm the accreditation status and acceptance of the courses by reaching out to our Evaluations Office. This step is essential to ensure that the courses you intend to take align with our program's standards and contribute to your eligibility. Failure to verify the equivalency of your courses with our requirements may result in complications during the application process.

Information Sessions

Interested students are encouraged to attend an information session with our Allied Health program manager/advisor. These are held on a regular basis throughout the year on the Puyallup campus. See the Nursing home page for information session dates and times.

Nursing Application Guide

This is a sample application guide. Information is subject to change at any time.