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Nursing Prerequisite Requirements

Please see the Course Equivalency Chart for course transferability from other Washington State schools. For credits earned outside Washington State or courses not listed on the Course Equivalency Chart, please contact the nursing program office to obtain the proper waivers well in advance of applying to the nursing program.

Note: These courses have other prerequisites that cannot be waived, for example, Chem&100, Psych&100, Biol&160 and a possible Math or English series. Please work closely with the nursing advisor.

Minimum Qualifications

  • CHEM& 121 – Introduction to Chemistry and Lab (Inorganic)
  • BIOL& 241 – Anatomy and Physiology I Lecture and Lab
  • BIOL& 242 – Anatomy and Physiology II Lecture and Lab
  • BIOL& 260 – General Microbiology and Lab
  • ENGL& 101 – English Composition I
  • PSYCH& 200 – Developmental Lifespan Psychology

We no longer have an age out for required or extra point classes. However, students will be allowed only one repeat of each course during the past 7 years. Courses with a "W" (withdrawal), "NC" (no credit), and "I" (incomplete) are considered part of the repeat policy. Attempts made more than 7 years ago will not be considered.

Applicants must earn a 3.0 (B) or better in each course.

An Associate Degree in Pre-Nursing/DTA is not required to apply to the Pierce College Nursing Program. The Pre-Nursing DTA does meet our academic coursework for prerequisites but contains some additional courses that are not on our required prerequisite list. The Associate Degree in Pre-Nursing does make a candidate eligible to apply to multiple colleges and universities in Washington State that offer nursing degrees.

Transfer-Ready Courses for Possible Additional Application Points

Applicants are encouraged to complete the following transfer-ready courses (for articulation into a BSN program after completion of the ADN program). Those with a minimum 2.0 "C" grade MAY be awarded additional points on their application. These courses are NOT required for application to the program:

  • Math &146, Intro to Statistics
  • World Languages, 10 college credits, or 2 years high school (of the same language with a passing grade), or Native Speaker* (*see advisor for details).
  • Chem &131, Intro to Organic and Biochemistry and Lab
  • Eng 102, Argumentation and Research

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