students and tutors working at tables in the fort steilacoom writing center

Want to Become a Writing Tutor?

If you like the idea of helping others learn to become better writers, then why not consider applying for a position as a writing tutor in the Writing Center?

Being a writing tutor is a great opportunity to get involved in making a positive difference at Pierce College. It is also a fantastic way to earn money and to work in a professional position while you are studying.

Watch the video below of one of our peer writing tutors talking about her experience as a tutor.

Initial and Ongoing Training

As a writing tutor, you will be trained in the theory and practice of peer learning, as well as in how to be an effective writing tutor. This training will be a kind of apprenticeship, in which you will, in part, learn from and shadow more experienced writing tutors before you start tutoring yourself. Then, when you feel ready, you will start taking writing consultations yourself.

What We Are Looking For

To be considered as a writing tutor, you should:

  • Be a good verbal and written communicator
  • Enjoy working with and helping others
  • Have a professional and friendly manner
  • Have completed English 101 or above
  • Be a confident and excellent writer

To Apply for a Position

To apply for a position as a writing tutor, you can fill out our online application form.

If you are a faculty member and would like to recommend a student as a writing tutor, or a student who would like to request a recommendation from a faculty member, you can use our online faculty recommendation form.

If you have any questions about the application process, contact