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First Name Last Name Job Title Department Site Sort descending Office Location Staff Email Address Phone
Cameron McKeever STAT Member Library Services CTR 272 CMcKeever@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8526 Full Profile
Darrius Tuggle Student Success Coach Student Success DTuggle@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2307 Full Profile
James Hildibrand Mentor Teacher Early Childhood Education OLY 162 JHildibrand@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Sirena Haddock ESL Off-Site Assistant ESL CAS 302 SHaddock@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Lynda Zambrano Adjunct Faculty Homeland Security/Emergency Management LZambrano@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Jeannie Rosenberg Clinical Nursing Instructor Nursing/ Health & Technology JRosenberg@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Abigail Galaviz Classroom Aide Child Development Center Garnero 1 AGalaviz@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
April Lawrence ESL Instructor Transitional Ed - ESL Tillicum Elementary ESL Site/C340 ALawrence@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5639 Full Profile
Chelsea Lovejoy Hourly Employee Applied Technology / Allied Health Cascade C131 CLovejoy@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Tog-yeum Junior Hermann Nagorngar Peer Tutor - Intern Math Center AAH 132 TNagorngar@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Greg Glinski Adjunct Faculty Health & Tech GGlinski@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 6187 Full Profile
Breahnna Judge Mentor Teacher Early Childhood Education OLY 162 BJudge@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Emily Salgren Work Study-Child Care Assistant Child Development Center MIL ESalgren@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Kyle Hammon Adjunct Professor, Biology Natural Science CAS 366 KHammon@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Joshua Acevedo Fiscal Analyst 2 Finance FSCAS214 JAcevedo@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-3716 Full Profile
Karen Hemming Part Time Faculty Arts & Humanities KHemming@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Megan Harrison Ward Care Veterinary Technology Glacier GLA MHarrison@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Amanda Silber Adjunct Faculty JBLM ASilber@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Nicholas Paterno Adjunct Associate Professor Natural Science Division - Mathematics Fort Steilacoom NPaterno@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8756 Full Profile
Sacha Renner Instructor Extended Learning Western State Hospital SRenner@pierce.ctc.edu 253-582-8900 X3328 Full Profile
Erin Adachi Homestay Recruitment Specialist International Education CAS C509H EAdachi@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Trinity Cheney Lab tech EMS Health and Technology SNR 118 TCheney@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Ashley Bowen Adjunct Faculty Biology ABowen@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Monica Deibel Peer Tutor - Intern Tutoring Center CAS 504 MDeibel@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Ivrson Lavizzo HEP Front Desk Health Education Center HEP 103 ILavizzo@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Laura Thompson Mentor Teacher Early Childhood Education OLY 162 LThompson@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Krissy Kim Dean of Instruction Learning and Student Success Stone Education Center/B145 KMKim@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6542 Full Profile
Chikumbutso Chikopa Peer Tutor - Intern Tutoring Center CAS 504 CChikopa@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Valerie Koch Head Volleyball Coach District Athletics HEC 110 VKoch@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Carlos Morado P/T Intensive English Program International Education FS CMorado@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5226 Full Profile
Brandi Hunter Volunteer Homeland Security International House IH100 BHunter@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Grace Lucas Ward Care Veterinary Technology Glacier GLA GLucas@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Eric Wylie Adjunct Faculty Health & Technology HEC EWylie@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Crescent Byerley Early Childhood Classroom Assistant (Part Time) Garnero Child Development Center GAR CByerley@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Andrew Hendrickson Adjunct Faculty Mathematics/ Natural Science AHendrickson@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Vanessa Frantz STAT Member STAT CTR 272 VFrantz@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8588 Full Profile
Scott Casebolt Adjunct Faculty Fire Services/ Health & Tech SCasebolt@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Cathy Gangstad Assistant Professor of Adult Basic Education Extended Learning WSH CGangstad@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2304 Full Profile
Laneeka Jones Writing Tutor Writing Center LSC 207 LJones@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Scott Rickley Assistant Women's Soccer Coach District Athletics HEC 305 SRickley@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Theresa Stack Adjunct Faculty Occupational Safety & Health/ Health & Technology TStack@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Dalva Church Adjunct Faculty English/Arts & Humanities DChurch@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Keelen Allen Front Desk Health Education Center HEP H103 KCAllen@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Chiu Yui Hie Makerspace Facilitator Library Services OLY 301 CHie@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 6072 Full Profile
JMarie Johnson Kola Interim Director of Marketing and Communications Marketing & Communications Portable JJohnsonKola@pierce.ctc.edu 253-864-3236 Full Profile
Leighann Morfitt Adjunct Faculty Business & Social Sciences/ Psychology LMorfitt@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Jeremy Colon-Castro Peer Tutor - Intern Math Center AAH 132 JColon-Castro@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Olivia Louangamath Student Veterinary Tech CAS 101 OLouangamath@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Kelly Benson Interim Executive Director JBLM Administration Stone Education Center/B145 KBenson@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6716 Full Profile
Sara Deaver Mentor Teacher Early Childhood Education OLY 162 SDeaver@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile