The purpose of the Sex Offender Notification Procedure is to respond to the enrollment or presence of a convicted sex offender at Pierce College, with minimum interruption to the college community. A list of known currently attending registered sex offenders will be on file at the Campus Safety Offices.

Notification to the campus community will be made pursuant to RCW 4.24.550, Sex offender and kidnapping offenders-Release of information to public.

In the case where an offender self-identifies to a college employee, the employee will obtain the name and notify Campus Safety and will refer the student to Campus Safety.

Risk classifications are determined by the Department of Corrections.

Notification to the college community: 

Level I - Low Risk to Reoffend

  • Offender name and Risk Level will be on file in the Campus Safety Office
  • District Conduct Officer is notified.

Level II - Medium Risk to Reoffend

  • Same notification as for Level I.
  • If available, background information on the offender supplied by the reporting law enforcement agency will be on file in the Campus Safety Office. This information normally includes: offender name, picture, and descriptive information about the offender and the offense.
  • Faculty teaching classes in which the offender has enrolled are notified.
  • The Early Childhood Education Programs and child development centers are notified.

Level III - High Risk to Reoffend

  • Same notification as for Level II.
  • All campus employees and students via college email systems are notified.

Current List of Level III Registered Sex Offender(s) at Pierce College

  • Michael Canty – Online Student Summer 2022

Additional information is available at the WASPC Sex Offender Information.