About Inclement Weather, Emergencies or Widespread Illness

Finding Out Whether the Campuses Are Open

In addition to receiving notification from the Pierce College Emergency Notification System, you can also receive text and email updates from the Public Schools Emergency Communications System. Go to www.flashalert.net for details. Listen to local TV and radio news for up-to-date information about closures and delays. Also, look online at the Pierce College website.

Communicating with Your Professor When the Campus is Closed

Professors provide contact information on their course syllabus. Professors may communicate closure information and assignments using your student email account (it's free!). Check your student email account frequently whenever the campus is closed. In most cases your professor will expect you to complete assignments listed on the course syllabus, even if the class is not able to meet. Contact your professor if you have specific questions about class assignments.

Access to Email

Students are assigned a college email account when admitted to the College. To start using your email account, follow the instructions on the Student Email web page. Once you've activated your college email account, you can forward it to your personal email account or access it at any time through an internet browser.

Reasons for Closing the Campuses

Pierce College only closes campuses when there is a high risk to the health and/or safety of students and employees, or the facilities are damaged in some way. These practices are designed for a variety of circumstances, but the most likely cause of a one or two day closure is inclement weather. Longer closures are more likely to be caused by a widespread illness, such as the H1N1 flu.

Library, Computer Labs, and Other Services During Delayed Start or Campus Closure

Pierce College only closes when it is not safe for students and/or employees to be on campus. Do not expect to be able to come on campus when classes are delayed or the facility is closed for a day or two. If the facility is closed for a longer period of time, the college will attempt to open libraries and computer labs, if possible. Check the Pierce College website home page at for specific information.

Access to Registration, Paying Tuition and Fees, Adding or Dropping Classes, and Getting a Transcript or Grades When the Facility Is Closed

These and many more services are available online on the ctcLink student portal. If you wish to register, or to add or drop classes, you will need to have your Registration Access Code (RAC). While you're there, take a few moments to check your personal contact information and let us know if anything has changed.