Annual Pet Adoption Event

The Pierce College Veterinary Technology Program is currently holding its annual pet adoption event to find adoptive homes for the dogs and cats that have been used in veterinary technician student training over the past academic year.

Anyone interested in adopting an animal should contact Debbie Wong, Program Support Supervisor, at 253-964-6708 or by email at All of the animals are spayed or neutered, current on all vaccines, and have ID microchips. There is a $20 adoption fee for each animal.

Individual profiles of the animals available for adoption are listed below. You can also contact Debbie if you have more detailed questions about individual animals or the adoption process itself.


dog - hermione

Hermione Granger

Female, 6 years old, tri-color beagle

Hi! I’m Hermione. I’m a such sweet girl and really shy. I don't like other dogs because I want all of the attention to myself. I am also a little anxious around strangers and new environments. I will need someone that will be patient with me until I get comfortable with my new home.


cat - thanos


Female, 5 years old, tabby, domestic shorthair

Hi, I’m Thanos. I am an introvert and really would like to be the only kitty. I have an emotional support Turtle to keep me company and to cuddle with. I am really sweet even though I can have an angry look. Scratches on my head and behind my ears, please!

cat - jazzy


Female, 2 years old, tabby, domestic shorthair

Hi, I’m Jazzy! I enjoy getting scratches behind my ears and being spoiled. I have a lot of energy and want to play all the time. I want my human all to myself so I don't have share you with anyone else.

cat - honker


Male, 5-6 years old, gray and white, domestic longhair

Hello, I’m Honker. I love to be scratched behind my ears and loved on but I don't like to be picked up. Sudden movements are not my cup of tea so please be patient with me. I do like certain feline friends but not all. Children not so much. I don't like to groom my long hair so I may need someone to groom me instead. I included a picture of my awesome new haircut. I am not photogenic but I am very cuddly. If you like a lap cat, then I am your man!