students gathered outside on puyallup campus

Advising Appointments

All students who intend to pursue a degree or certificate at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom or Puyallup campuses will be assigned to a Running Start advisor at the campus they are attending. In an effort to provide the very best service to our students and prepare them to self-manage their education at Pierce, advisors will:

  • Educate students in the culture of higher education
  • Explore academic programs and careers
  • Clarify goals
  • Foster skills of independence (including taking personal responsibility, decision making and planning for college)
  • Evaluate academic skills based on previous experience, learning, and test scores
  • Refer students to appropriate college and community resources
  • Establish connections between the student and Pierce College

High school counselors inform students on high school graduation requirements. Students in the Running Start program take coursework at the college that fulfill their high school graduation requirements. Running Start advisors guide students on course selection as well as information on degrees offered at Pierce College. Students in the Running Start program also have access to faculty counselor advisors who provide expertise on career pathways, and transfer requirements.