Application Directions

1. Download the Pacific Northwest Dental Hygiene Institute Application (PNWDHI)

2. Complete the PNWDHI Application.

Make sure you choose your year and courses you wish to attend. Offering of courses is dependent upon interested applicants and program calendar; there is no guarantee of course offerings in any given year.

3. Collect the required documents below.

Required Documents

  1. Proof of dental hygiene graduation from a U.S. or Canadian accredited dental hygiene program:
    • Already a Licensed Dental Hygienist in another state or province? Choose one of the following to copy and have the copy notarized to be included in your application:
      1. Dental hygiene degree, or
      2. Dental hygiene diploma, or
      3. Official transcripts showing your Dental hygiene degree.
    • Are you a current dental hygiene student anticipating graduation the year you wish to take the course(s) (U.S. and Canadian)?
      1. Provide a signed letter, on official letterhead, from the dean/chair/program director from the dental hygiene program you are attending that includes:
        1. Verification of accreditation by the Commission on Dental Accreditation in the U.S. or equivalent international credentials) dental hygiene or dental program.
        2. Anticipated graduation date.
        3. Status as a student in the program, e.g., a student in good status.
    • Note: If you are currently an international student enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian accredited dental hygiene program, we will accept you as a student in the PNWDHI based on your currently approved international student status at the other institution.
  2. Copy of Vaccinations/Immunizations record(s) and current within six (6) months one-step PPD test for TB.
    • Includes COVID vaccine and Influenza immunization. If there is a medically documented reason for not having the influenza vaccine, please provide this documentation. There are no exemptions from the other vaccinations at this time.
  3. Copy of CPR card: Must be current during on-site attendance of course.
  4. If applicable: copy of Local Anesthesia Certification and/or passing of recent Local Anesthesia Board Examination.

4. In one packet, submit your completed application and corresponding documents by the posted due date to:

Pierce College Dental Hygiene
Pacific Northwest Dental Hygiene Institute
Attn: Director M. Hospenthal, RDH, MEd
9401 Farwest Dr. S.W.
Lakewood WA 98498
Course Application Due Date
Restorative for Dental Hygienists May 15
Local Anesthesia December 15 for March and May 15 for August
Nitrous Oxide Psychosedation December 15 for March and May 15 for August

Verification, Registration, and Payment

  • Once your application is received, we will review it to determine if it is complete and verify your eligibility to attend the course.
    • If you are eligible, you will be emailed the register and payment information for the full course fee.
      • Full payment is expected six weeks before the start of the online portion of the courses.
        • The Tuition Installment Plan, two or three total payments, may be utilized rather than paying the entire amount in one payment.
      • Financial aid, grants, scholarships, etc. may be an option for funding; please check with Financial Aid at 253-964-6544 or
    • If it is not complete or you are not eligible, you will be sent an email telling you either it is not complete and what is missing, or you are ineligible for the course.
    • In the event that the course is full, we will send you an email telling you where you are on the waitlist and asking if you wish to remain on the list for a last-minute cancellation.
  • You will have a maximum of five business days, after the six week deadline for payment, to register and pay for the course after we notify you. Failure to pay within this timeframe may forfeit your right to participate for this course offering.
  • Please do not complete an admissions application to the institution, Pierce College. You do not need to be admitted to the college to take this course.
  • We cannot hold positions for you to secure funding.
  • The courses are first come, first serve.
  • The courses are highly competitive and each year we turn away several people due to the limits in maximum participants.

Refund Policy

  • Payment is expected in full six weeks before the start of the online course.
  • In the event that we cancel the course, you will be contacted no later than four weeks before the start of the online portion of the course, and be fully refunded.
  • If you withdraw from the course after the six week deadline for full payment, you will forfeit the full payment.

We highly encourage you to submit the application and supporting documentation, even if the courses are filled to capacity. There are times when students must cancel and if your application is in and you are on the waitlist for the course(s), you may be offered a last minute opportunity to attend.