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Scholarships are a great resource for funding. There are many Internet search engines that can be used to find scholarships that have criteria that match your attributes. Now is the time to apply for scholarships for the upcoming school year, because spring is typically when most application are due.

Not planning on attending next year? You can still look for opportunities for the spring and summer terms. Remember that there are millions of dollars every year that go un-awarded simply because there were no applicants. Invest in yourself and take some time to search for opportunities.

Listed below are a few search engines to get you started.

  • The Washboard.Org. This is a free scholarship clearinghouse for WA students seeking college scholarships.
  • FastWeb.Com: This is the largest, most accurate and frequently updated scholarship database.  This personalized search compares your background with a database of awards and only those awards that fit your profile are identified as matches.  

For a more extensive list and to find helpful hints on applying for scholarships, visit the Pierce College Foundation Scholarships page.