Food and Hygiene Pantry System

In our continued commitment to the Pierce College mission and efforts to help address and relieve the stresses of everyday basic needs, The Office of Student Life offers a food and hygiene pantry system available to all current Pierce College students free of charge on both the Fort Steilacoom and Puyallup campuses! The pantry offers food, beverages, toiletries and more to those students in need. We have a Food and Hygiene pantry committee made up of students, faculty and staff that meet throughout each quarter to help promote awareness and other resources available for food, supplies, shelter and emergency funding.

Here at Pierce our goal is to support our students in all ways to help ensure they have the best opportunities to thrive during their educational journey here with us!

What the Food and Hygiene Pantry Can Offer You

Our Food and Hygiene Pantry system is made up of two major components:

Grab and Go Snacks

Need a granola bar or fruit snacks? Maybe a Cup of Noodle or can of soup for a quick lunch between classes? Our snack station is here for you, providing a variety of grab and go snacks and ready to go meals!

Customizable Grocery Bags

If you are in need of more substantial meal items like canned fruits and vegetables, pasta and rice products, our customizable grocery bags offer a pre-stocked selection of these plus hygiene items like soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorants. Each of these bags can be customized to include whatever else you might need from our supplies, like tampons and pads. For our students with children, we also stock diapers in a variety of sizes.

How to Access the Food and Hygiene Pantry

During normal campus operations, the Food and Hygiene Pantry has its main locations in the Offices of Student Life. On the Fort Steilacoom campus this is located in Cascade 418; and on the Puyallup campus this is located in College Central 210. Our Front Desk staff at each campus will be happy to help you in receiving whatever you need from our stored supplies.

To order a custom packed grocery bag, pick up an order form at a Student Life office, fill it out and return it at least 24 hours before you would like to pick it up. We will be working on an online version of the form that students can use in the future as well so stay tuned!

How to Contribute to the Food and Hygiene Pantry

During normal campus operations, you can donate items at our Student Life Office locations on the Fort Steilacoom and Puyallup campuses. In the future we will be offering an updated Amazon Wish list so that you can order items to be delivered straight to the campus.