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Program Outcomes

  1. Graduates will develop and maintain personal and professional relationships through respect, clear boundaries, empathy and honest interactions.
  2. Graduates will critically assess one's own attitudes, values and assumptions and considers their impact on individuals and the wider society.
  3. Graduates will use information/technology competently and appropriately including Best Programming Practices to decrease problems and crime in society.
  4. Graduates will critically evaluate past, present and future discrimination and privilege of individuals, societies, groups and institutions.
  5. Graduates will communicate appropriately based on topic, audience and situation.
  6. Graduates will build knowledge of diverse ideas, values, perspective and experiences.
  7. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of laws, procedures, policies and functions of the United States criminal justice system and other justice systems.

Fundamental Areas of Knowledge and Core Abilities Outcomes

General Education at Pierce College prepares graduates to live and work in a dynamically changing world by emphasizing whole student development through fundamental areas of knowledge and the college five core abilities.