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Meet the demands of the future with a certificate in Crime Analysis and Investigations

An all online, one-year program consisting of eight 5-credit courses

The Crime Analysis and Investigations (CAI) Certificate at Pierce College is designed with the community and future in mind. Rooted in social justice and utilizing evidence-based theories, this program directly correlates to the current push for implicit bias training in the criminal justice field. Crime analysis is one of the fastest growing sectors of law enforcement in the world, and investigative profiling is the only empirically based investigative method accepted internationally. Combined, these two fields represent the future of the criminal justice system.

Professionals currently working in the field teach courses. Many skills are transferable into private sector employment.

The CAI certificate will provide specialized education in:

  • Identifying and defining crime trends
  • Identifying problems and patterns
  • Utilizing research, statistics and analysis to create tactics and strategies that lead to effective and equitable police responses to crime

Upon entrance into the program, students may be eligible for membership to the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts.*

Certificate Requirements**

  • CJ 270 Introduction to Investigative Profiling
  • CJ 271 Introduction to Crime Analysis 
  • CJ 272 Criminal Investigations 
  • CJ 273 Crime Mapping Techniques
  • CJ 274 Criminal Behavior
  • CJ 275 Advanced Crime Analysis Techniques 
  • CJ 276 Empirical Profiling 
  • CJ 277 Applied Crime Analysis (Research and Design Methods)
  • COLL 110 College Success

Total credits required: 43

* Certain criminal history may prohibit employment opportunities in many criminal justice occupations. If you have these concerns, we encourage you to research these situations and consult with a Criminal Justice program advisor.

** You may apply for an exception to taking COLL 110 if you currently working in the criminal justice field or if you have prior college credits. You may apply for a waiver based on prior learning, education and criminal justice experience. You must earn minimum of 2.0 in each course above in order to obtain a certificate.