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Prepare for entry-level positions with general contractors, specialty contractors, government agencies, engineering and architecture firms and construction suppliers. Careers include project management, facilities management, estimating, planning, and as owner representatives.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Construction Managers are in high demand, with the number of jobs increasing 8% faster than average. The median pay is $98,890 per year, or $47.55 per hour. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management is designed to help you gain the skills, experience, and abilities employers seek from top candidates. By earning the BAS-CM, you will be equipped with the technical, safety, communication, and business knowledge to excel in the field of Construction Management.

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The BAS-CM builds off the strong foundation of the Associate in Applied Science (AAS-CM) in Construction Management degree.

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About the Program

The Bachelor in Applied Science in Construction Management (BAS-CM) is an affordable, convenient and quality baccalaureate degree, where you gain 21st century technical, transferable and lifelong-learning skills employers demand. With flexibility to choose a full or part-time schedule and fully online courses, the BAS-CM will fit well with your current lifestyle. Students can attend full-time (15 credits a quarter) or part-time (10 credits a quarter).  For those students wishing to only take 10 credits a quarter, the additional 5 credits of general education credits could be taken during the summer quarters or subsequent quarters. 

Please see our schedule of courses for more information.

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Admission Requirements

Completion of at least an associate degree with a cumulative GPA for all college-level credits of 2.0 or greater.

Note: Your transcripts and employment history will be reviewed by the admissions committee. This information will be used to customize your educational plan so that you have the GER courses and construction knowledge needed to be successful in the program. Students are encouraged to email for support in determining the best way to meet these requirements, either prior to or after admission to the program.

Pre-Application Advising

If you are interested in the BAS-CM, please discuss your goals with your advisor. It is also strongly encouraged that you reach out to to learn more about the program and how to efficiently prepare.

Apply to the Program

The Pierce College BAS-CM offers two major transfer options. Since the BAS-CM is built upon the College’s AAS in Construction Management, students with this degree and who fulfill remaining admissions requirements are positioned to efficiently transfer to the BAS-CM program. Students with other associate degrees and who meet all other requirements are encouraged to apply.

Applications are accepted year round and you can start as quickly as next quarter!

Apply Now

Application Checklist

  1. If you do not already have a student ID, establish one with Pierce College Admissions.
  2. Have a Professional Intent Statement (300-400 words) ready to enter in the application. The statement will articulate the applicant’s personal and professional interests in a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management (BAS-CM) degree and the profession of construction management. The essay’s content, as well as spelling, grammar, and punctuation will be evaluated.

    The essay should describe the:

    1. Applicant’s background outlining work experience, military service, or volunteer experience.
    2. Personal and professional goals and how this degree relates to those goals.
    3. Work experience or specific attributes that you bring to the program and believe you can bring to the profession.
    4. Any other special considerations you believe will make you a good candidate.
  3. Have the following documents ready to upload:
    1. Your resumé
    2. Unofficial transcripts for accredited institutions other than Pierce College
  4. Complete the BAS-CM application.

Note 1: If some/all transcripts are from institutions outside of the United States, they will need to be evaluated. Evaluations can be conducted by any agency in NACES.

Note 2: Official transcripts will be required for admission to the program. Former and current Pierce Colleges students do not need to provide official Pierce College transcripts, as the college already has these on file.

Financial Aid

Begin the Financial Aid Process at the time of your application submission to ensure a smooth transition to the BAS-CM.

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  2. Monitor ctcLink and student email for updates about the status of your awards.

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