Students gathered in Puyallup courtyard

When to Pay

After the initial due date, tuition is due within 24 hours of registration.

Winter Term 2024 Tuition Due Dates

  • Session 1 courses: December 20, 2023
  • Session 2 courses: January 3, 2024

Last Day to Drop Class With Full Refund for Winter Term 2024

  • Session 1 courses: January 7, 2024
  • Session 2 courses: January 21, 2024

Important dates for each term can be found on the academic calendar.

How to Pay

Pay in person with Visa, MasterCard, check, or cash. You can also pay through our simple pay system using these same forms of payment or pay directly through your ctcLink account.

Note: Simple Pay is only compatible with the Chrome browser. Firefox and Internet Explorer are not supported.

Qualifying for Resident Rates

Students may be eligible for in-state tuition if they meet established residency requirements. Read more about residency requirements.