How to Create a Filter for Pierce College Email in Microsoft Office 365 Student Email

  1. Log in to your student email
    Note: if you use AOL, connect to your AOL account, minimize your AOL screen and open another web browser.
  2. Click or tap on the gear icon and select "Options."
  3. From the Mail Options menu on the left, select "Inbox and sweep rules."
  4. Under "Inbox rules," click or tap the + icon to add a new rule.
  5. For "Name," enter "Pierce College Email."
  6. In the "Conditions" drop-down, select "It includes these words..." then "in the sender's address..."
  7. Type "" (without quotation marks) and click or tap the plus sign to add, then "OK" to save.
  8. Under "Do all of the following," select "Mark the message" then "with importance." From the "Select importance" menu, choose "Normal" or "High." Click or tap "OK" to save.
  9. Uncheck "Stop processing more rules," if it is checked.
  10. Click "OK" to save.