Checklist for Field Experience Classes: SSMH 201–203

  1. Complete prerequisites: SSMH 100, 170, and 215 (or some taken concurrently with special permission).
  2. Search for a site now that fits your desired career goal (e.g., working with youth, or elderly, or veterans, or chemical dependency, or developmentally disabled, or prison inmates, or domestic violence victims, or homeless, etc.).
  3. Make sure you have an updated resume to present to a prospective site.
  4. Bring SSMH brochure to prospective sites, so that they know what is involved and for what they will be responsible.
  5. Make sure that the site can provide 120 hours of field work during the quarter you take the class.
  6. Be familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint and Word and be familiar with using Canvas.
  7. Download an app to your phone called “Cam Scanner.”
  8. Learn how to write Learning Objectives (see handout).
  9. Register for class and pay for insurance (included in fees).