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ISS 110: Service Learning on Tour (2 credits)

This course is intended for students who are on a study tour or alternative break either in the United States or out of the country. Through a service project, experiences on tour will be enhanced and the forces that shape culture more fully understood. The multicultural insight and direct immersion into social issues of the host community is intended to bring a deeper personal growth experience while on tour.

PCAD 098: Service Learning Pathway Exploration (5 credits)

Through completing a service project students will gain insight into career pathways and their role in society. Students will investigate expectations of real-world employers. The volunteer experience will be evaluated through career, community, and personal perspectives.

SL 100: Co-Enrolled course (0 credits)

Direct or indirect service experience that supports student learning outcomes in a specific course. For faculty, find out how to embed SL 100 in your course.