illustration of planets and stars in the night sky

Live Presentation Topics for Field Trips and Private Shows


What makes a planet a planet? Which planets are currently visible in the sky? Is Mercury really boring? How old is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot? What makes the outer planets different from the inner planets? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this tour of the 8 planets in our solar system!

Moons of the Solar System

Earth has a moon, and some of the other planets do as well!  Take a tour of some of the lesser known, but very mysterious worlds in our Solar System.

Strange Space

Explore some of the strangest things in space! What are the really crazy things out in space? Learn about supermassive black holes, dark matter, pulsars, and much more! Specific topics may vary.

Comets, Asteroids & Dwarfs, oh my!

Learn about the small objects in our Solar System including comets, asteroids and dwarf planets! What makes comets and asteroids different from each other? Why is Pluto “the dwarf planet” and no longer Pluto “the planet”? How many dwarf planets are out there, and what are they like?

Daily and Seasonal Motion

Did you know that the motions of objects in the sky can help us tell time and keep track of the seasons? How and why do the Sun, Moon and Stars move across the sky? Why is the fall night sky not the same as the spring night sky?


Visit the universe's diverse Galaxy Zoo! Learn about the different types of galaxies and find out what lurks in a galactic center. What happens if galaxies collide?

Our Place in the Universe

Learn about the size and scale of the universe. What does the universe look like on a cosmic scale, and is our place in the universe unique or special? Drift through our local group and discover where we fit into our corner of the universe.


You may already know about the 8 planets in our Solar System, but are there others out there? Go on an interstellar adventure to far-off, exotic planets.

Phases of the Moon

Why can we see more of the moon at some times than others? Why do we never see a full moon at noon or a crescent moon at midnight? Learn how the sun-earth-moon monthly dance drives what we see.

Our Sun & Other Stars

How does our sun compare to other stars? How big can a star be? What happens when stars die?

Night Sky Tour

Presentation on what is currently in our night sky: Identify Constellations, nebulas and other deep sky objects in our current night sky.