students with hiking gear outside with mount rainier in the background

Because we want you to learn both in and out of the classroom, Pierce College provides ample opportunities for you to become involved in the campus community. Meeting people, socializing and making new connections will help ensure your stay at Pierce is an interesting and enjoyable one.

Here are just a few of the ways you can get involved at Pierce College.

Clubs and Student Activities

Pierce College has a number of student clubs and activities, such as dances, outings, film nights and more. These opportunities are open to all students and are either free or low-cost.

Several clubs are open to both American and international students. The clubs take field trips, play games, arrange dances and other social events, attend sporting events, host foreign movie nights, do community service, and support on-campus efforts to teach students about our many cultures. For more information, contact International Education.

Conversation Partners

This program pairs non-native English speakers with native English speakers for weekly conversations and cultural exchange. It's a great way for international students to practice their English and learn more about American culture. An introductory social is held at the beginning of each quarter. After that, participants meet at least an hour a week until the end of the quarter. Students are assigned partners (generally in groups of two or three) and they arrange their own meeting times and places.

Music and Theatre

Pierce College offers a number of ways for creative students to express themselves. There are opportunities to play music with the band, choir, or orchestra, or participate in theatre productions.