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Gain a strong foundation in the liberal arts through the study of literary genres, history and cultural issues, while developing your communications, language and critical thinking skills. This two-year program prepares you for transfer to a four-year college.


Communicating ideas, sharing experiences, and using language are skills critical to all professions, as well as to daily life. Pierce College's English program incorporates study of a wide variety of literary genres with history and art courses to cultivate a broad understanding of those genres, as well as the cultures, issues, and events that shaped them.

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Students planning to transfer as English majors should complete the requirements for an Associate of Arts-Direct Transfer Associate.

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Writing Studies

About the Program

College-Level Writing

The following courses are required for many college programs and degrees:

  • ENGL& 101: English Composition I
  • ENGL& 102: Composition II: Argumentation and Research
  • ENGL 107: Research and Argumentation about Literature


Classes specifically dedicated to antiracism at Pierce College that center Black and Brown individuals and groups:

  • HUM 105: Black Thought and Culture
  • ENGL 264: Literature of Slavery and Abolition
  • HUM 209: The American Civil Rights Movement
  • HUM 109: Introduction to the Harlem Renaissance
  • ENGL 239: World Literature

Career Pathways

Important classes on multiple pathways:

  • ENGL 111: Introduction to Literature
  • ENGL 113: Introduction to Poetry
  • ENGL 114: Introduction to Drama
  • HUM 106: Ethnic Thought and Culture
  • HUM 107: Latin American Thought and Culture
  • HUM 110: Pacific Rim Humanities
  • HUM 209: The American Civil Rights Movement

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