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Pursue a rewarding career in Emergency Medical Services, helping people in times of crisis as a firefighter, police officer, emergency medical technician or similar role. Choose from an associate’s degree or two certificate programs.


Emergency medical technicians (EMT) are health care providers for emergency medical services. EMTs are clinicians, trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries, accident scenes or when disaster strikes.

The EMT certification provides the necessary education and training to work on a private ambulance, as a firefighter, a police officer or a number of other careers in the medical field. People with an EMT certification are highly desired in private industry and the public sector for their training in assessing, managing and mitigating crisis situations involving trauma and medical emergencies.

Our Associate Degree in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a two year degree that prepares students to continue their education in emergency management or to become certified as a paramedic.

We have three programs available:

  • The Short Certificate in Emergency Medical Services focuses on medical training only and can be completed in one term. This certificate will qualify students to take the National Registry of EMT (NREMT) Exam, required to volunteer or work as an EMT in Washington State. Enrollment is open throughout the year.
  • The Long Certificate in Emergency Medical Services (48 credits) combines medical training with general education coursework and can be completed in one year or less.
  • The Associate Degree in Emergency Medical Services takes approximately two years to complete and prepares students for transfer to a four year college or university and work in paramedicine and emergency management.

The EMS program is located at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom.

About the Program

The Pierce College EMS program is Washington State approved and all classes are registered with the National Registry of EMT (NREMT). Our faculty is comprised of paramedics and EMTs who are working in the emergency medical services community.

Focus on the Military

The EMS program gives special emphasis to the needs of the military. Units value this training because it enhances capabilities, especially during deployments. For soldiers leaving the service, the training facilitates their transition either into the civilian workforce or into educational programs leading to careers in health professions.

Contact Us

Phone: 253-964-6556

EMS Offices

Fort Steilacoom Campus
Cascade Building, Room C341/C111
Monday–Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
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