Pierce College Department of Earth and Space Science

Thank you for choosing to visit the Pierce College Science Dome. Our goal is to provide an educational, fun, and safe experience for everyone concerned. Listed below are the guidelines and code of conduct for visitors. Please go over these guidelines with your group before your visit. If you have any questions please call, 253-964-6440.

The Science Dome is located at:

Pierce College Fort Steilacoom, Rainier Building 263, 9401 Farwest Dr SW, Lakewood, WA 98498


Buses can drop students off along the south end of parking lot A in the double lane closest to the Rainier building. Buses should park in parking lot A along the double lane at the north end of the parking lot.


  • Please arrive at the Science Dome at least 5 minutes prior to a scheduled program; there is no late seating for shows.
  • If you miss your scheduled time we cannot guarantee that rescheduling will be possible.
  • All members of your party must be present, before a group will be allowed to enter the dome.
  • For school groups chaperones must stay with assigned students/youth, regardless of age, at all times while on Pierce grounds.
  • For school groups, chaperones must be 18 years or older and wear a name tag that identifies them as a chaperone for the school group.
  • We suggest that students wear a form of identification. For the safety of the students, please use only the school’s name on the tag, not the student’s own names.
  • The Science Dome is dark and needs to stay that way for an optimal experience. Excess light will degrade the experience.
    • Please refrain from taking pictures or video of the show.
    • Make sure all phones are turned off.
    • Remind students that have shoes that flash to keep their feet still.

NOTE: It is essential that chaperones take an active role in the field trip. This means being with the students and supervising their behavior. Pierce College students are hard at work learning and taking tests. Please remember to be quiet and respectful while inside AND outside the building.

Late Arrivals

If your group is going to be significantly late, please call us at 253-964-6440.


  • When the lights go down in the Science Dome, it is very dark. Please do not walk around or change seats when the lights are dimmed.
  • During programs, visibility is low; do not leave anything in the aisles or walkways that would cause a trip hazard.
  • Use quiet voices within the dome area and raise your hand for questions.

Protect our Grounds

  • No food or drink is allowed in the Science Dome.
  • Place all trash and recyclables in the appropriate containers. Please do not overstuff containers.

Lost and Found or Lost Children

Check for lost items at the Campus Safety Desk, Cascade 311, or call 253-444-0325.