Pierce College Dental Hygiene students

Entry-level BASDH Program Costs (Excluding Prerequisites)

  • The entry-level BASDH two-year (eight quarter) program cost estimate for tuition, textbooks, program materials, instruments, incidentals, and associated fees is $38,000.00 for the two year BASDH. Costs are based upon 2019 data.
  • For budgeting purposes, we recommend estimating about 3% more than this estimate due to rising costs over the two-year period.

Estimate per Quarter

Year 1

  • Summer 1: $6,284.00
  • Fall 1: $7,969.00
  • Winter 1: $3,943.00
  • Spring 1: $4,138.00

TOTAL Year 1: $22,334.00

Year 2

  • Summer 2: $3,479.00
  • Fall 2: $5,641.00
  • Winter 2: $2,968.00
  • Spring 2: $2,933.00

TOTAL Year 2: $15,021.00

  • This estimate does not include costs associated with dental hygiene prerequisite course tuition or associated course costs, room and board, transportation, required professional meetings, etc.
  • Licensing examination fees are not included and are estimated at $3,000.00

To request a more detailed spreadsheet of program costs, contact us at or 253-964-6796.

Financial Aid

The financial aid department is ready to assist you as a bachelor degree student.

Office of Financial Aid
Phone: 253-964-6544

Complete Your FAFSA by February 1

Even if you do not think you will be eligible for financial aid, completing the FAFSA may open doors for scholarships. See the Financial Aid web page for more information.

Workforce Funding

The Dental Hygiene Bachelor’s Program may be eligible for limited Worker Retraining funding. Workforce staff can assist with completing the FAFSA. Students are encouraged to meet with Workforce staff to discuss their individual funding needs and explore possible community funding resources.

Individuals may be eligible for the Trade Act Assistance Program (TAA). Please contact your Trade Act Counselor for an individualized assessment. For an appointment with Workforce staff, please call 253-964-6265.