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Frequently Asked Questions About the BAS-ABM

Is the BAS-ABM offered fully online?

No. Classes are offered as hybrid and fully online.

Where and when are the BAS-ABM classes offered?

The hybrid classes are at the Pierce College Fort Steilacoom campus in Lakewood. They are scheduled as evening classes to accommodate working adults.

How long does it take to complete the BAS-ABM?

The BAS-ABM is a full-time, two-year program. It starts in fall quarter and ends with a summer graduation two years later.

What is a cohort-based program?

The BAS-ABM admits a group of students every fall quarter. These students take the same courses together during the two-year program.

Why is the BAS-ABM a cohort-based program?

Research finds that people learn better in groups. They tend to band together, supporting each other to complete tasks, assignments, and classes. They build learning communities that learn at higher levels and tend to graduate at higher rates. 

I have some credits from Pierce College or another institution. Are these transferrable to the BAS-ABM?

The short answer is "it depends." Only a full evaluation of your transcript against graduation and other requirements can assess which credits can count toward the BAS-ABM graduation requirements.

Can some classes be substituted to take the place of BAS-ABM requirements?

The admission requirements are carefully selected to prepare students to be successful for the rigors of the BAS-ABM and to meet state requirements. Only like-for-like substitutions will be considered. For example, MATH& 146 Statistics is required for the degree. Only college-level statistics classes will be considered for a possible substitution. For example, MATH& 107 does not have enough statistics to qualify for consideration; therefore, it will not be appropriate as a substitution.

When can I apply for admission into the BAS-ABM?

There are three admission cycles, each with their own deadlines:

  1. Early / Priority Admissions: Due March 31
  2. Regular Admissions: Due June 30
  3. Late Admissions: Due August 15

Apply early and secure your seat! There may be more applicants than there are admission seats allotted. It is best to apply earlier than later. As long as you have completed all the admission requirements or have an advisor-approved plan to complete ALL the admission requirements before the start of the fall term, then you may apply.

Can I still apply for admission even though I am still taking classes to fulfill the admission requirements?

Yes. As long as you meet the requirements before the fall start of the program, you are encouraged to apply. You will need to demonstrate that you are on an education plan (developed with an advisor) to meet the remaining requirements. Admission may then be contingent upon you completing that plan.

I have an associate degree that is not in business. Can I still apply?

As long as you meet the admissions requirements, you are encouraged to apply. This may mean that you take courses to meet requirements.

Will there be other quarters other than fall for students to enter the BAS-ABM?

The BAS-ABM launched in 2019. We plan to offer other admission options in the future. Once we do, we will announce their availability on this website and through other announcements.

Will I be able to apply for a graduate program with the BAS-ABM?

Yes. The BAS-ABM is granted by Pierce College, a regionally accredited college in the US. This accreditation is a requirement by most, if not all, public graduate programs. Of course, you must also meet the remaining application requirements by each admitting institution.