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Transfer Guide

Below are links to the home pages of most Washington State colleges/universities and a link to transfer information in most cases.

Washington Achievement Council Transfer Rights and Responsibilities

Information to Find

  • Since the websites may be organized differently, use the search bar. Enter the information you are looking for, and follow the appropriate links. Also, many sites have a site map or a-z index, which may allow you to find items more easily than navigating.
  • Look for admissions requirements for transfer students or general transfer information. This should give you general requirements such as number of credits required to be considered a transfer student, minimum grade point average (GPA), foreign language requirements, transferability of credits from other colleges, etc. Foreign language requirements are best met at Pierce College, therefore it is important to know those requirements for admission, graduation, and for your major.
  • Look for equivalency tables or guides for Pierce College. Several universities have these now, including the University of Washington and Bastyr to name a couple.
  • Transfer policies vary. Some universities in Washington will accept all coursework if you complete a recognized transfer degree (like Pierce College's Associate of Arts); example: The Evergreen State College. Some will accept for the most part, only courses they have deemed transferable, like the University of Washington (which includes almost all of the academic classes at Pierce College).
  • Transfer students should make contact with an admissions advisor - look for such contact information under "admissions."
  • Look for programs or majors offered by the college. This is often found under "academics." Transfer students should also make contact with an advisor in the program/department of their major, to make sure they are meeting requirements for admissions to their chosen major or area of concentration.

If you need assistance with transfer questions, please come see an advisor at Pierce College.

Public Colleges and Universities in Washington State

All colleges listed below hold postsecondary accreditation status. To learn more about accreditation, go to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation's website. Students are encouraged to do their own research into the suitability of the 4-year college or university in which they are interested in attending. Pierce College does not necessarily endorse colleges/universities listed below.

Private Non-Profit Colleges and Universities in Washington State

Private For-Profit Colleges and Universities in Washington State

Selected Out-of-State Colleges and Universities

Attending college out of state? You may qualify for significantly reduced tuition. Check the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) website. (Provided by Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education.)

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