Installing Office 2016/O365 (For Students and Staff)

  1. Log in to with your Pierce network username and password.
  2. On the dashboard page, click the Install Office 2016 button.
    screen capture of the Install Office 2016 button
  3. When prompted, click the Run button.
    screen capture of the Run button for installing Office 2016
  4. A security prompt will pop up about making changes to your system for installation. Click Yes to allow the program the ability to install Office 2016.
  5. The installer window will pop up.
  6. When you get notification that the install is finished, click Start and open Word 2016.
  7. A popup will state “This product also comes with Office Automatic Updates.” Click the Accept button.
    (By doing this you are agreeing to the License Agreement.)
  8. It is now installed and listed as a Managed Device in your Office Portal.