ctcLink News

ctcLink is Here!

Pierce College has successfully transitioned to ctcLink! If you haven’t done so already, activate your new account today.

All of Washington's community and technical colleges are transitioning to ctcLink, replacing an outdated computer system built in the 1980s. ctcLink provides a set of common, mobile-friendly tools for you to manage your college business online, at any time. You now have 24/7 access to an online student center, and so do your advisors and instructors.

ctcLink will provide a more common experience for students across the Washington community and technical college system, whether they transfer from one college to another or attend two or more colleges at once. They will use common online tools for everything from admission to graduation.

Get up to speed in ctcLink with our ctcLink resources for students.

To activate your new account, follow the "Activate Your Account" link on the login screen. Remember to write down the ctcLink ID you are provided.

Log In to ctcLink

Students can...

  • Register for classes
  • Update personal details
  • Get a new ID number
  • View unofficial transcripts
  • Get messages and notifications
  • View class and exam schedule
  • Review and accept financial aid awards

Your advisors can...

  • Perform degree audits
  • View student plans
  • View advisees
  • View unofficial transcripts
  • Search for classes
  • View student holds
  • View transfer credit reports

Your instructors can...

  • Submit grades
  • View class rosters and other class details
  • Review exam schedule
  • Send notifications to individuals or groups of students

This new integrated, current technology will be a valuable asset in helping students achieve their educational goals.