Dear College Community,

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States has witnessed the rise of racist anti-Asian hate, violence and harassment. The incidents have occurred across the country and have ranged from outright violent attacks to various forms of verbal harassment and discriminatory exclusion.

At Pierce College, we condemn any form of racism, and we stand in solidarity with the Asian community and all members of our community who experience racism based on their identity, ethnicity or physical appearance. Our state’s community and technical colleges also denounce anti-Asian discrimination as stated in this proclamation.

Asian students have been experiencing cyberbullying during their online school experiences. Reports indicate some Asian students are apprehensive about returning to in-person learning. Several incidents of anti-Asian hate and bullying have taken place in the local Puget Sound area recently.

Police and governmental officials have encouraged individuals experiencing or witnessing incidents to report all hate crimes, including verbal harassment, so that an accurate picture of anti-Asian hate activity can be created. Call 911 immediately in order to report instances.

You may also report a concern at Pierce College by filling out this form.

Being a victim of hate and discrimination can affect mental health as much as physical health. If you or someone you know are victims of anti-Asian hate crimes and harassment, please reach out to friends and family for support. The following organizations can also assist with mental health resources:

By sharing what you experience or witness, you can educate the public, empower others, and strengthen advocacy efforts for hate crimes response and prevention.

Michele L. Johnson, Ph.D.
Chancellor and CEO

Darrell L. Cain, Ph.D.
President, Pierce College Puyallup

Julie A. White, Ph.D.
President, Pierce College Fort Steilacoom