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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a term used by colleges to describe the process for learners to earn credit and gain recognition for their knowledge and skills. The PLA supports the identification, documentation, assessment and recognition of non-formal knowledge or on-the-job training to be counted toward an academic degree, a training program, occupational or professional certification, or for linking employment credentials with education credentials.

The PLA process begins by making an appointment with the HSEM Program Coordinator. You will be advised to bring in any official course documentation you feel may be relevant to the process. This may include training certificates, licenses, military training records and/or discharge papers along with any other college transcripts from schools you may have attended. The program coordinator will review your documentation and make recommendations about which classes may be granted for PLA credit.

Please contact us at 253-912-3773 or for more information on Prior Learning Assessment.