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Student Success Campaign

daniel in graduation attire holding up the degree

"My parents’ education ended at 2nd grade, so going to college was a big deal for me. Then, I was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to the Foundation, I was able to stay in school and take care of my family while undergoing life-saving treatment. Now, I have a good job working in the medical field myself!”

— Daniel


Whatever you came here to achieve, it’s possible.

veterinary technology students and professor examining a dog

Supporting students how they need it, when they need it, and where they need it most.

Pierce College, an institution that is nationally recognized for improving student outcomes, has led our community forward with a simple message: Anyone should be able to pursue a college education, because everyone deserves a path to success. But for more and more students, success is still slipping away because they face pressing, impossible choices nearly every day:

Dinner or daycare?

Rent or classes?

Textbooks or hospital bills?

The vision is simple, but urgent. We need to be able to tell every student who chooses to study at Pierce College, that whatever you came here to achieve: It’s Possible.

That’s why the Pierce College Foundation has undertaken the Student Success Campaign — a $3.3 million effort focused on transforming the way we help students succeed, through flexible and responsive Student Success Grants.

The need is increasing. Funding requests have doubled in the last two years.


students in caps and gowns at graduation

Helping every student find a pathway through Pierce College that fits their life today, and their dreams for tomorrow.

Student Success Grants will provide critical support to help students navigate breaking points (like changes in family, financial, or employment status) and help them stay on track, and in school — no matter what life throws at them.

But helping students move through these barriers today, or next week, isn’t enough — we need to ensure that these innovative grants become a stable and lasting program that supports student success for years to come. That’s why we’re focusing this major campaign effort on creating an enduring and dedicated Fund for Student Success.

The result will be more of our neighbors receiving the kind of targeted support that leads to a profession, a pathway out of poverty, and the kind of life everyone willing to put in the work deserves.

Pierce College Foundation currently awards more than $200,000 in scholarships and emergency grants each year. Completion of the Student Success Campaign will nearly double the amount available to support students.

summer and one of her children sitting on a couch

"In the blink of an eye, I became a homeless, single mother with 5 small children depending on me. The Foundation helped keep us from living on the streets, and kept me in school. Thanks to the Pierce College Foundation, I was able to earn my nursing degree and can support my family.”

— Summer

Pierce College students and alumni are important to each of us

This is your chance to help students stay in school, even when times get tough.

shontieka standing on a street

"I dropped out of high school to care for my siblings while my mom was in jail. I never thought college was for me. With the encouragement and support of my husband and the Foundation, I got first my high school diploma, then an associate’s degree, and now a bachelor’s degree, all at Pierce College!”

— Shontieka

construction management student

For some of us, we were those students. Pierce College was a place that taught us that no matter where we came from, no matter what life threw at us, it was possible to get on a path toward success.

For most of us, Pierce students and alumni are critical to our community. We know that so many people in our region depend on the education and credentials they receive at Pierce to do the work that help make all of our lives healthier and happier.

For some of us, Pierce students and alumni are a source of talent that will help our businesses move forward in the marketplace.

For all of us, hardworking Pierce students have earned our respect and confidence. We rely on the them to make the world a better place, for families, for businesses, and for society.

Supporting these remarkable students is a tangible expression of the value we place on our community. Giving is a wonderful way to say to all: It’s Possible.

Washington Roundtable reports that there will be 740,000 job openings in our state over the next five years; 70% of which will require some college education.


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