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College Costs

Your Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate we make based on a combination of factors. The COA is critical part of the formula in how we determine your eligibility for need based financial aid.

The COA includes costs of tuition, books, and living expenses for the full academic year. Your COA will be reduced based upon your level of enrollment and number of quarters you attend. The figures below reflect the average COA for the 2015-2016 year.

Estimated 2015-2016 Cost of Attendance
  Living with Parent Not living with Parent Non-Resident – Not living with Parent
Washington Resident - Tuition Fees (15 Credits): $4,935 $4,935 $8,160
*Books and Supplies: $1,050 $1,050 $1,050
*Room and Board: $3,270 $9,780 $9,780
*Transportation: $1,380 $1,350 $1,350
*Miscellaneous/Personal Expenses: $1,680 $1,860 $1,860
Total: $12,315 $18,975 $22,200

*Indicates costs that will not be billed directly to your student account. Please note: the above is an estimated cost of attendance – your costs will vary depending on your level of enrollment, residency status, course fees, and other factors.

The Tuition Calculator is another tool you can use to estimate your total costs:

How to Apply for Washington State Residency

Washington Resident students must verify that they have lived in Washington for one year and have established residency in the State of Washington, including US Citizenship. If your residency cannot be determined at the time of registration, you will be required to pay non-resident tuition and fees. Ask about residency at the Admissions Office:

Puyallup Admissions
P: 253-964-6501

Fort Steilacoom Admissions
P: 253-964-6501

Complete residency rules are detailed in RCW 28B.15.012.

Even if you are not a permanent resident or US Citizen, you may still qualify under HB 1079, 2003 legislature, to pay in-state tuition if you have graduated (or will) from a Washington state high school.