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Tips for Students

When you're planning your classes, you should not wait to take ECE classes. It will be beneficial to mix ECE courses with other types of courses. But do take ECED& 105 as soon as possible: it will give you ideas of career choices, transfer options and ECE program requirements.

Current Students

See your advisor on your designated advising day. You will receive a letter from the ECE advisors indicating scheduled advising time options. Talk through your class schedule and obtain your advisor's signature. If you need to discuss your educational plans and your particular ECE advisor is not available, please work with another program advisor in ECE.

Practicum Course Process

ECED& 120 Practicum: Focus on Relationships and Communication

Prerequisite: ECED& 105

ECED 223 Practicum: Focus on Special Education

Prerequisite: EDUC& 203

ECED& 190 Observation and Assessment

Prerequisite: EDUC&115

Each of these classes requires 50-60 hours of work in a program serving young children. Permission is required so check with an ECE advisor well in advance. You may do these work based classes your first year. These classes can be done in a variety of programs. Check with an ECE advisor for details.

A portable background check is required prior to working with children. You will need a STARS ID number which can be obtained through the MERIT website. The background check application is also located there. Please ask your ECE advisor if you have questions about this process.

A completed negative TB (tuberculosis) test or negative chest X-ray is also required prior to working with children in these courses.

ECED 270/275 – Planning and Assessment for Student Teaching/Early Childhood Student Teaching

Total of eight credits to be taken any quarter. ECE permission is required. Check with an ECE advisor well in advance as there is a waiting list for most quarters and an application process.

Summer Practicum is never assured (because of state funding) and usually only for full-time teachers currently teaching in ECE.


ECED& 105
ECED& 115
ECED& 170
ECED& 180
ECED& 160
EDUC& 130
ECED 205
ECED 215
ECED 225

You will also need the following by the first day of class:

  • Evidence of a negative TB (tuberculosis) test or negative chest X-ray
  • A cleared portable background check (PBC) from the Department of Early Learning
  • First aid and CPR certification
  • A Food Worker Card from the Department of Health