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What is equivalent to an AAS-T in ECE?

If you did not earn an AAS-T in ECE, but would like to apply to the BAS-T program, you can demonstrate that you have the prerequisite foundation. The checklist and hyperlinks below can help you assess your qualifications for this program.

90 quarter credits total (60 semester credits)

40 quarter credits (24 semester credits) of general education

  • Communications 5 cr: English 101  ______________
  • Quantitative 5 cr: Math 100 or above ___________
  • Humanities (HM) 5 cr: ________________________
  • Humanities (HM 5 cr: ________________________
  • Social Science (SS) 5 cr: _____________________
  • Natural Science (NS) 5 cr: _____________________
  • SS/NS/HM/Q 5 cr: ___________________________
  • SS/NS/HM/Q 5 cr: ___________________________

▢ Early Childhood Education Foundation

▢ Portfolio: If you have been working with children aged 0-8 for at least two years and have been engaged in professional development in early childhood education, you can submit a portfolio demonstrating that you have met the program outcomes for an AAS-T in ECE. The portfolio will be assessed by an early childhood professor using this criteria.


▢ Minimum Early Childhood Education Coursework
Check the class schedule to see when these courses are offered:

  • ECED& 105: Intro to ECE
  • EDUC& 115: Child Development
  • EDUC& 130: Guiding Behavior
  • EDUC& 150: Child/ Family/ Community
  • ECED& 160: Curriculum Development
  • ECED& 190: Observation/Assessment