Pierce College Dental Hygiene students

About the Bridge BASDH Program

The Bridge BASDH program is only for licensed dental hygienists who earned their dental hygiene degree/certificate in Washington State in 1973 or after from a college that is/was accredited by the local accrediting Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities.

Pierce College Dental Hygiene became a Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene (BASDH) degree in 2015, graduating our first class in 2017. You can visit the Dental Hygiene home page to learn more about us.

Mode of Instruction

The Bridge BASDH is fully online and does not require a clinical component other than possible teaching observations. Access to a dental hygiene, dental assisting or dental school may be required for the service learning and educational courses.

Students may also be involved with clinical components based on their chosen senior capstone projects.

Bridge BASDH Curriculum – 20 Online Credits


Emphasis on effective communication with professional colleagues. Development of the general principles of dental health research design. The course includes cultural competency with diverse populations, oral disease prevention and promotion, dental care delivery system, research methods, dental indices, epidemiology, and biostatistics.


A course Incorporating dental public health agenda and the development and implementation of community-based targeted outreach services. An integration of instructional and research application. Entails exploring the role of the dental hygienist in public health agenda, community outreach services, advocacy, and business management as an integral member, leader, and agent of change in the inter-disciplinary healthcare team.


Students explore educational theories, philosophies, strategies, and assessments culminating in the development and implementation of a unit of instruction and lesson plan(s). Participation in clinical teaching observations, course set-up, grading, self-evaluation, educational curriculum development, student management, etc. will be emphasized.


An integrative, critical reasoning and self-reflective course which focuses on the ethical and legal issues facing the dental hygiene leaders and educators. Develop career strategies and leadership to build interdisciplinary teams that expand the vision of oral health professionals, culminating in a capstone project as part of an exiting ePortfolio. 

Tuition and Other Costs

Costs are estimates and do not include room and board. We have listed a miscellaneous for incidentals, but you may experience higher costs depending on your location.

Lower division prerequisite courses are not included below.

Estimated Cost

  • BASDH Application Fee: $25.00 
  • Criminal Background Check: $60.00 
  • Upper Division Tuition, including fees:
    • Fall, 5 credits: $1,154.90 
    • Winter, 5 credits: $1,154.90 
    • Spring, 7 credits: $1,574.86 
    • Summer, 3 credits: $734.94 
    • Total Tuition: $4,619.60 
  • *Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for Academic Credits (43 credits @ $30.00 per credit): $1,290.00 
  • Books: $1,000.00 
  • ADHA Student Membership, required while a student: $60.00 
  • ADEA student membership: Free 
  • Miscellaneous: $1000.00 
  • Total Estimated Cost: $8,054

* Pierce College will accept your Washington State dental hygiene degree/certificate with your Washington State dental hygiene license or your USA dental hygiene license, active and in good standing, to meet 43 of the State Board of Community and Technical College upper division quarter credits towards your BASDH degree.

Bridge BASDH Eligibility Qualifications and Acceptance Criteria

Washington State Dental Hygiene Graduate with an Associate/Applied Degree or Certificate in Dental Hygiene

Graduate in good standing from a Washington State Dental Hygiene program in 1973 or after.

Registered Dental Hygiene License Requirements

  • Current dental hygiene license in good standing from any state within the USA. No actions against your license(s).
  • Students must maintain an active USA dental hygiene license in good standing.

Washington State Registered Dental Hygiene License

  • Has held or is eligible to apply for a full Washington State Dental Hygiene license; limited or temporary licenses not accepted. 
  • Loss of a Washington state dental hygiene license must not be due to any charges/misconduct.

Maximum Length of BASDH Curriculum, Excluding any Prerequisites

  • Students will complete the BASDH Bridge Courses in four consecutive quarters. 
  • In the event the student is unable to continue at any given time within the curriculum due to extenuating circumstances (excluding dismissal from the program), the student can resume the program within three years, subject to availability.

BASDH Prerequisite Courses

  • Must complete or have completed the currently required equitable prerequisites for application to the entry-level BASDH program. 
  • Any outstanding prerequisite courses must be passed at a minimum 2.5 GPA. 
  • The Math (Quantitative) course must be complete prior to beginning the BASDH Bridge program in the first quarter of the program or taken within the first quarter of the program. 
  • Any other outstanding prerequisite courses must be complete within three years of beginning the program.
  • All science courses must include a lab component, with the exception of the nutrition course.

Application to Pierce College Bridge BASDH

Download and complete the application and submit it to the address listed. Be sure to include all required documentation and complete your criminal history background check immediately to ensure timely processing.  

Criminal History Background Clearance (approximately $60.00)

You must pay for and submit a criminal history background check once accepted into the Bridge program. Failure to pass the background check may result in your acceptance being rescinded.

Please follow these directions to complete your background check:

  1. Go to the CastleBranch website and enter PH45 in the Place Order field in the top right of the screen. Then click the Go button.
  2. When you place your initial order for a background check, you will be prompted to create your secure myCB account. From within myCB, you will be able to view your order results, manage requirements specific to your program, complete tasks as directed to meet deadlines, upload and store important documents and records, and place additional orders as needed.
  3. Save your username and password from creating your myCB account. If you are offered acceptance into the program, you will use this system again to collect information for the program.